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China 10 MW Metal roof Solar mounting bracket Project from CHIKO ——Winner in the typhoon "Mangkhut" Challenge


China 10 MW Metal roof Solar mounting bracket Project from CHIKO ——Winner in the typhoon "Mangkhut" Challenge
CHIKO Solar's 10MW project in Guangdong, China in mid-September 2018:
Meeting the violent attack of the typhoon "Mangkhut", the solar mounting bracket system of CHIKO is still stable.
China 10 MW Metal roof Solar mounting bracket Project from CHIKO ——Winner in the typhoon "Mangkhut" Challenge
  • Venue:      Guanhao Technology Company, East Island District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province,China
  • Capacity: 10MW
  • Roof type: Factory sheet metal roof
  • Product used: CHIKO No. 48 guide rail and 347 clamp

In this project, the combination of CHIKO No. 48 rail and 347 clamp is used to prevent the original building from being waterproofed , This solution make solar mounting bracket system effectively combined with the original roof to achieve the most stable installation effect. Simple and fast.
According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, the 22nd typhoon "-626920.comMangkhu" landed at Haiyan Town, Guangdong Province of China at 17:00 on the 16th. The maximum wind force near the center at the time of landing was 14 meters (45 m / s, equivalent to 162 km / Hours), the central minimum pressure of 955 hectopascals, became the strongest typhoon landing in China this year.
Affected by typhoon "Mangkhu"China's coastal areas set off storms, the city has accumulated water, trees were blown down, blown off, high-speed train in these areas were canceled. Many cities have launched the typhoon-class I emergency response. Guangdong Province has released the largest typhoon warning in history. So what is the performance of the solar power plant under the violent attack of "Mangkhut"?

Many solar power station are blown away, and you can see scattered components and solar mounting brackets, etc.:
During the typhoon season, the safety accidents of photovoltaic power stations on the southeast coast frequently occur. In the face of the force majeure of nature, we maybe helpless and let it ravage, but we can prepare for it, prevent it, and prepare in advance to reduce the risk of disaster. 

As the world's leading manufacturer of solar mounting bracket, all the products are designed and manufactured according to the principle of the highest quality. With CHIKO, you will meet leading highest standard quality. All of our Aluminum profiles are made 6005 T5 with surface protection anodic oxidation 12-15 micron (µ), hooks and bolts are made of Stain- less steel 304.Ground mounting systems that made of Q235 steel will be hot dip galvanized with a averagethickness 80 micron (µ). The wind loading is up to 60m/s, These excellent characteristics make result in effectively resist typhoon,It's more durable and the service life is over 30 years.

CHIKO Solar have obtained product certifications, and management system endorsement granted and approved by leading testing agencies including UL SGS Gamcorp MCS Intertek, SPAD etc. Our product designs are based on the following Australian Standards and sections of Building Code of Australia relevant to structural issues.
CHIKO Various efficient and flexible Solar mounting bracket system solutions waiting for you here! Welcome to consult!

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